Wednesday, October 26, 2016


The Theatre Royal Circle Bar in Nottingham is a gorgeous place to play and it was great to be back; many thanks to David Longford and the rest of the genial and welcoming crew. Thank you too to the audience for singing along to The Sea, and for listening to the rest of it all.
The original sound guy from Brighton's Alhambra, which burned down in (I think) 1980, with an awful symbolic ending of punk's band madness, was there, so was Bev and her sweet son, and so were Pete and his partner: congratulations on your imminent sprog!
It was nice to play again with Martin after many months, and catch up with Mick, June and Laura. June took this pic of us playing Heaven Avenue together. After a mad dash back to the Smoke to try to get back for student tutorials on Tuesday afternoon, not one of them turned up.
All that anxiety and lugging the guitar and bags about station, street and toon, and all those experiences of train loos in varying degrees of aroma, decor and shortages of soap, water and cleanliness. I am now a train lavvy expert in imminent danger of reviewing the lot of them, except it would disgust my frail and fragrant readers.

You could get very stressed if you never did anything else but studenty things: God Bless Gigs.
Photos: June Whitfield

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