Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Very Boring Story About A Tripod

Ages ago I bought a tripod (and a selfie stick fitting that I would never use) from the Apple shop so I could film stuff without holding the phone.
Last night I got the thing out to assemble so I could film the Stageit show (but didn't manage to because of electronic interference once the show started).
I tried to put it together for ages, and eventually resorted to the instructions, at which point it seemed that there was a vital piece missing. It had been mega-wrapped in cellophane and two boxes, but it was the first time I'd opened it after buying it tow months ago, so I took it back to the shop today.
They unboxed another one to check it before doing the exchange and the same bit was missing from that box too.
I'm sorry; I did tell you the story was boring.

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