Wednesday, October 12, 2016


If we admired grubbiness rather than cleanliness, I would win a prize at the county show. I've been shifting furniture (big time) and I've unearthed the biggest dustballs you ever did see.
Every so often I have to move everything to let someone in to do some work on the house.
This has been a three-day marathon, with two bin-bags off to the charity shops and three in the car waiting to go to the dump.
Now, I'm Just Sitting.
There is no energy left in the tank, no power left in the limbs. My knees are wet from kneeling on the floor and washing it; my hands are gritty and my hair is full of dust and cobwebs.
This is such a cathartic thing to do- or it will seem so, when I've recovered in a few day's time.

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