Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Preparing to Record

Later this week Robert, Ian and Jonathan and me will be recording some songs. My fingertips didn't go to soft while I was away, and in a funny sort of way I'm trying not to over-rehearse. It's a bit like the goalkeeper's fear of the penalty (apt, I know, but also the title of a Wim Wenders film). If you put too much pressure on yourself the magic just isn't going to happen.

I've stopped for today: well, I might just run through some difficult chord changes later on. 

Yesterday early morning I recorded a one-minute song for Dexter Bentley's annual one minute song fest on Resonance FM. I had to keep changing the BPMs and began in the wrong direction. Shaving seconds off a song is quite good fun actually. There's no breath at the beginning, and I had to expand the display to the max to edit the very end of the final guitar chord. There is also a pop at one point on the vocal track, but c'est la vie! The song is entirely twee, and the title is Little Heart-Shaped People from Venus.

So housework beckons (doesn't it always?). There is no way any other sort of work is going to get done until After The Recording, which means next week is going to be Very Busy Indeed with University work.

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