Tuesday, July 20, 2021


Well, I actually spent the afternoon recording mostly guitars (expecting thunder) but also some backing vocals. I was taking a break for lunch and I had an idea for a little guitar hook which has proved almost impossible to play without practising it, so I've had to leave that for now.

Here's a weird thing- it happened when I was recording with Robert last week too. You become obsessed with the detail of getting things right, and rather negative about how it's all sounding. Then you add just one little detail, and the whole track just takes off. It's never the same thing and you can't predict or calculate what's going to happen. I keep forgetting that this happens, and I spend an hour or so feeling dispirited. Why is everything sounding so bad? Then suddenly, the flavours start to work together and everything makes sense.

Oh yes, I know I have to get that little hook right, and a backing vocal could be made to work better, and I need to do the main vocal with a better microphone (not on a thundery day). But I have made a good start to a recording today. This is going to be a pensive album when it's finished.

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Wilky of St Albans said...

In this heat anything will sound a bit 'Tennessee Williams'