Wednesday, July 28, 2021

A Visit to The Sound Bank

One of the women who features in my book is Ms Melody, a sound engineer who has, after many trials and tribulations, opened a cutting edge studio a stone's throw from Kennington tube station in south London. Over the period of becoming friends, the studio has evolved from being an empty building and an idea through being a project in development, to now being open and buzzing with activities and people. It's quirky, youthful and full of potential. I have been as excited watching it develop as if it was my own project, and when I went for a visit on Monday, ostensibly to sign her copy of my book (we both forgot), I was delighted to see that her Mum really was there in the podcast room making hats. There she was with shelves of beautifully crafted headgear: I felt they alone were worth a visit. To me, that was the icing on the cake. There are rooms to meet, rooms to record, rooms to make podcasts and rooms to stream from, all clean, new and well equipped. You can even party there!

There are lots of great studios in London; we are recording our album at One Cat in Gypsy Hill and that is perfect for what we are doing. But it's incredibly tempting to record something at Mel's studio just to capture a bit of that excitement at newness that I felt when I walked in this week, and of course, get a bit of 'spirit of the hat' on the recording! 

Look here to see what's there:

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