Sunday, July 11, 2021

Goodbye to Cumbria

Somehow, we went twice to Hadrian's Wall, wandered on the Solway Coast and climbed through huge elephant-skin rocks and ran on the sand, went to Ullswater and watched the cows wandering on the lake beach and saw the penny tree where people slot pennies into the bark, saw Jonny Hanna's exhibition in Hexham, and explored Kielder Forest with Kenji and Till, cheating in the maze with our umbrellas. And on the last night, Saskia and Russ came over with a huge chocolate and courgette cake. It was so awful that Offsprog Two got contacted by test'n'trace and couldn't come along, but we sent her loads of photos and tourist observations. Bloody Johnson and his variant!

It was so sad to drive south. I almost cried. 

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