Friday, July 16, 2021

Gypsy Hill Is A Hill

Well, that was a workout to end all workouts! Up the hill with the Green Goddess on my back (is she putting on weight?) from Gypsy Hill station for the session at One Cat Studios yesterday. It was a really good session despite Ian Button not being able to join us- he was with us in spirit however and we managed to record three songs. The magic is still there! Because we have done lots of rehearsing we were able to blend our guitars really successfully, and I think we have some lovely vocals plus all the harmonies down as well. Three songs, two more to go and another five to write before we have an album. This is just such a great collaboration! Someone asked me a couple of weeks ago who wrote the words and who wrote the chords and music, but there are no roles- we do either or both and make a collage of our ideas that you couldn't unstick or uncreate. It's brilliant to have a wordless song (or part fo one) and have someone fit the perfect lyrics to it, or be given an instrumental to discover the melody and meaning inside it. And we resolve each others musical conundrums too- where a song needs to be finished, or needs to travel somewhere else, we both do that too.

Here we are in the studio, with Jonathan who records us and plays bass, and with the studio carpet (photographed by Robert). Roll on the next time!

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