Friday, July 30, 2021

Headphone Headaches: Curly Wire Complaint

Turns out it wasn't enough for today. Why (Beyer) go to all the lengths (sic) to create a good-sounding set of headphones and then give us a curly lead to attach them to the interface with? As a lifelong guitarist (half my life, anyway), I learned never to buy curly leads because they break up inside and have to be replaced much more frequently than straight ones. Is it that? 

It's just that when they are stretched not even very far, they want to reduce the space between the person using them and the equipment they are plugged into, and twang and pull constantly, which is really irritating if you are concentrating on singing. It's even more irritating if you are concentrating on playing your guitar, because you have to dial up new music memory to resist being pulled into a collision with the equipment by the enthusiastic elasticity of the headphone lead! Oh, I know I'm exaggerating a little, but you don't need additional movements and tension when you're recording. At worst the curly headphone lead bounces along with the music, which is utterly ghastly. 

Trust me, I'm a musician!

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