Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Vivien Goldman at Rough Trade East

It was Vivien Goldman's birthday on Wednesday, and she had been invited to do a reading from her forthcoming book, and sing songs from her recent compilation (reviewed here not so many days ago), and she needed backup singers. We had a run-through at Gina's house, fuelled by coffee and croissants, before heading down to Rough Trade East, that friendliest of record stores, for the sound check. There we were joined by Andi Oliver and Holly Cook and a trusty crowd who had braved the cold and rain to get there at lunchtime.
Three cheers for the fantastic staff in the shop, who gave us coffee and good vibes. It was really fun; Vivien and looked sensational and had a great time: there was even a little birthday cake, with a cigarette lighter to blow out for the occasion. We sang a jingle for Norwegian Airlines, who sponsored Vivien's flight, she read and sang, and we sang and danced to the dub.
Now I can't get the songs out of my head, and somehow dancing has made my shoulders and sides ache. I don't remember that from the old days when it was a regular activity.

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