Monday, June 27, 2016

The Leaping Peonies

I was in the kitchen having a Skype rehearsal with Gina and Vivien Goldman because we are going to sing with Vivien on Wednesday.
Suddenly, a crash came from the living room, where Offsprog One had been sitting reading.
I had bought some peonies to cheer the place up (and myself) and they'd been in a glass vase on a pile of books on top of the piano. Apparently the vase had leapt off the piano and smashed in the middle of the floor. The books were soaked and so was the CD player that had been under the piano.
Could it have been the slow flowering of the peonies that had overbalanced the vase as they became top-heavy?
Or was it a Brexit vase suicide, a poltergeist of disgust and fear?
Alas, we will never know: the peonies remain mute.

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Cazz Blase said...

I did wonder last night if the England football team's performance was a Brexit suicide/dirty protest, but have been informed by my football interested colleagues at work today that that kind of thinking was beyond Wayne Rooney. The peonies sounded nice though.