Monday, June 20, 2016

Every Player Counts: Flora MacLean Exhibition

Every Player Counts is an exhibition of photographs of female footballers by the photographer (and footballer) Flora MacLean. Her photographs show us that whether male or female, sporting bodies are human bodies; there is a tenderness in the attention to detail in these shots that is almost anthropological, yet these young women are stylish and urban at the same time.
My favourite photographs are the before-the-match and after-the-match ones: two young women tie the back of the goal net down, both reflected in a muddy puddle; a puff of wispy breath floats in the winter air; a jumper catches on a player's chin as she stretches to take it off, her head tilted upwards in an ecstasy of exhaustion; legs flop, framing a clementine peeled and ready to eat, placed on the grass in front of them.
I did also love the humour of the red card photograph, and the one from behind the goal.
This is a really colourful and positive exhibition, not far from Old Street tube station in London. I urge you to go: you will feel quite uplifted!
Until Thursday at the 71a Gallery, Leonard Street, Shoreditch.
More here, with pictures:

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