Sunday, June 12, 2016

She-Punks Photos

I have pilfered these from Facebook. The black and white one is by Neil Anderson. There is a video of us playing Oh Bondage Up Yours which I'll post when I get hold of it.
Pre-film; panel with me, Gina, Zoe Howe (convenor), Jane Perry Woodgate and Tessa Pollitt; Gina, me, Jane and Tessa, full volume; Zoe (who drums with Platypus and used to be in Viv Albertine's band) playing a Punk IPA beer box from the kitchens (I brought some sneaky sticks with me and asked her on the night-what a sport!), Karina Townsend (of Mike Flowers Pops and many other bands and projects) on sax (thank you for learning the part at such short notice- ace parping!),, Gina an die on guitars, Jane and Tessa on vocals, and Terry Tyldesley (of Feral 5 and Kitmonsters blog) on guitar (even shorter notice- thank you too!);the songwriting workshop the next day, with Katy and Jono. What you can't see is the people dancing at the end, and what you can't feel is the wonderful atmosphere- and the relief that it all went so well!

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