Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Bas Jan, Gina Birch, Kate Stables at The Moth Club

This was Dexter Bentley's fundraising night and we battled through the muggy air to get there. I've never been to The Moth Club before and loved it's Youth Club feel, and amused regulars in the bar directing the young 'uns (ha!) to the right doorway. It has something of the air of The Brudenell Social Club, in Leeds, to it.

As we arrived, Bas Jan were finishing their set of mostly spoken-word songs, skilfully played and much appreciated by the audience.

Gina was next, and there was a wave of affection from the crowd as soon as she started. The discipline of recording her album with Youth has upped her skills as a vocalist no end- and soon the crowd were singing along lustily to her new material. She was excellent, warm and just as sparkly as the shiny background to the Moth Club stage.

We stayed for Kate Stables because we couldn't not, even though by now our collective temperatures had reached 200 degrees celsius. The crowd took a while to calm down, but Kate has the magical skills of silencing over-enthusiastic chaps by being quiet. Two songs in, everyone was totally with her. She played banjo and guitar with equal aplomb, and sings note-perfectly in a way that blends completely with her playing. 

What an inspiration!

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