Monday, August 01, 2022

About Women's Football

What is really so moving is the number of women reporting the fact that as young girls they were forbidden to play football at school, and seeing their joy and pride that finally it's become a game that they can 'own'. No bitterness, little anger- just celebration and hope for the future. And what graceful playing: proper teamwork, proper focus, a supportive manager. Now is the moment to see it all, because the big businesses are circling and licking their nasty, greedy chops. 

How can we fight back to stop them gutting the goodwill out of this sport as it thrives, and making the matches too expensive for so many people to attend? You can feel the profiteering sharks circling around...

I hope the strong will of the individual team members holds out against exploitation with the power of their collective force. Spirit of St Trinians!

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