Wednesday, July 20, 2022

That's What I Was Doing Yesterday

... drawing the Toni Tubna poster. It involved sitting in one place in the cool dark kitchen, doors and windows closed, waiting for the hot day to go away. I had half a melon in the fridge and ate bits of that for a refreshing change, and drank a million glasses of water. I had put a tin tray of water out for the birds, and I saw a sparrow having a drink from it. 

Miraculously they seem to have survived the heat, especially the 'You Stupid Bugger' pigeons, who are probably made of alien material, such are their survival skills. Just don't tell Elon Musk or he'll try to privatise them and pull out just when they've got their hopes up. I wonder what he's going to do, now it's been shown that space travel reduces your bones to something one stage up from dust? 

Not going to be quite so easy to escape to Mars with your unseemly brood of children now, is it Mr Musk? Eh? Eh?

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Wilky of St Albans said...


Reminded me a bit of Jake Thackray (nowt wrong with that lass). Thats if he'd been a woman, and sung gently, and not played his guitar like he was trying to break the strings.