Monday, August 03, 2020

Not Cuba

Somewhere in the back of my mind was this idea of going to Cuba this summer, just for the adventure, and the great music, and the being somewhere entirely different.
Instead, it's been blackberry picking and writing my own music, all within a very small radius indeed.
Scratched arms, nettle-stung legs and broken fingernails.
Glamorous me!
I've heard mp3s of yesterday's songs and they are spirited and fun and very catchy. It was definitely a good day worth doing, a well-spent eight hours. I'm looking forward to next Sunday when we record one more song and do a bit of spit'n'polishing.
Meanwhile, song circle has moved to Wednesday and I'm looking for an impossible rhyme. I do know that when that happens, you have to toss aside the line that won't rhyme and replace it with another one that means the same thing, at which point the perfect rhyme for that will fly in from the wings (sic) and land in your lyrics book with a gentle plop.
I remember once a friend laughing because I like to leave things for a few days (in that case it was a month) to really savour finishing them off.
That's what I'm doing with the rhymeless line.
The other problem?
Dreaming up a killer chorus and forgetting to sing it on to my phone before going out blackberry picking.
Ho hum.

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