Friday, August 21, 2020


Unfortunately, some days you just can't avoid it any longer.
When procrastination becomes writing the academic article that you've been procrastinating about, you know you're sunk.
I put on a CD of French music and pretended that I was in Paris, scrubbing away like Cinderella.
I didn't even notice it was on repeat for about 3 songs into the rewind.
Something about today is half-hearted.
I tried spraying my parka with waterproofing spray, because it's more like a sponge than a parka, and you don't want that from wet weather wear. Alas, the can of spray ran out halfway through, so I'll have one waterproof shoulder and one absorbent one.
C'est la vie! (see what I did there?)
I thought I'd cleaned the cooker and then I put my specs on and realised that I hadn't.
My normal specs are broken: they did that to themselves yesterday with no help from me, but I can't go out to get them fixed because I'm waiting in for the postie.
Nor can I do the hoovering (same reason), so the dustballs get a reprieve for a few hours at least.
I have discovered that Doritos, though very tasty, so not constitute lunch, but believe me if you saw those bananas over there in the bowl you would find it very easy to resist them. They may become more appealing to the gaze later this afternoon, if I have to wait in much longer.

Days like this, I look for minor things to celebrate.

I found the phone charger charging lead!!! Wahey!
The ugly enormous vintage blouse that I bought in Armstrong's in Edinburgh about five years ago doesn't look too bad when you're bored with your other clothes.
I have written an Americana song from the viewpoint of a protesting eighty-year-old.
There are 8 small boxes of wild blackberries in the freezer.
I'm going to Newcastle next week.
I am a mother (that's a big thing!)
It's quite nice not being able to do the hoovering.
I put the huge bubble wrap mountain away in the loft.
There are hardly any moths (actually, there could be hundreds of them, hiding. Scrub that one).
I had  a blister on my heel, and it's almost healed.
I like it when it's windy because it's exciting.

That's enough.

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