Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Wrecking A Generation

I was driven to tears this morning by the plight of these poor children whose 'A' level results have been manipulated, and those who are still waiting for GCSE and BTec results.
What a terrible level of extra stress they have been handed on a plate, completely underserved, on top of all the rest of the life-changing disasters that they have had to put up with.
You know: not just lockdown, but fears for their relatives, no holidays.... what a burden they are already carrying.
On the BBC news, a young girl read out part of a story she had written months ago that predicted the whole shebang. She was a star pupil (at least she had that), but her story concerned the sorting of children according to their social class by an algorithm.
She has had to campaign to get the results reconsidered, to get a letter from the head of her school to the University she hadn't managed to get in to in order to ask for her place, and was still waiting for UCAS to update with the new information. She was calm, articulate and just so much more grown up than any of the sorry clowns that are pretending to be in charge of our lives at the current time.
That's the sort of experience whole generation are going through.
It is time we had a new government, before they destroy anything else.

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