Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Equal Parts

Yesterday was very busy. Robert completed the artwork for our 10" vinyl e.p. and I completed the lettering. We have six brand new co-written songs, mixes almost complete, artwork under way.
I think you can hear the fun we had recording them in the songs themselves; there was lots of energy and spontaneity in the studio.
'Shall I do this?'... 'Yes! That's a great idea!'.
You can hear lots of different influences in there: a bit of Aztec Camera, a bit of Northern Soul, a bit of Orange Juice, a country lick here and there; Jacques Brel, Francois Hardy, even The Doors. But it has it's own sound too, made from the contrasting and complementing sounds of Robert's steel-strung Martin and the Green Goddess, or Pea Souper as he calls it. We also have distinctive voices.
Speaking of voices I've also been working with Kenji, who has one of the most gorgeous voices of anyone on Planet Earth, and this files turned up yesterday in my mailbox. That's another exciting collaboration.
Meanwhile a blast from the past. Cherry Red's release Make More Noise features The Chefs' song Food, and is being played by Colin Spencer today on his show:

Ahem: where's my copy, Cherry Red?

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