Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Working, not Shirking

The car is at the car doctors, and the holiday plan has now shrunk to somewhere in Wales, or Whitby because of that. I will pack my bucket and spade- if I can get there. I do love fish and chips, and Mr Whippy ice cream. And sandy beaches, so all is not lost.
Meanwhile I've been writing since 8.30 and I've sent off the article to my research mentor, Tim Lawrence, writer of the book Love Saves the Day, for feedback. I had not imagined a summer like this, with so much work to give my brain a workout. Tomorrow I'm meeting Gina to continue the process of setting up a Kickstarter campaign for our film; Offsprog One is planning the social media side of things, and on Saturday we are going to speak to Jude Cowan about the film on her Resonancefm show, The News Agents https://www.resonancefm.com/programmes
The rest of today, I'm working on the creative strand of this new MA course, which will be starting in October. I will carry on working at the University of the East, but will run the module for this as well.

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