Wednesday, July 20, 2016

MOT Pass!

Good old car, you get a reprieve: the thing that makes you stall at roundabouts is going to be fixed, you get taxed for another six months and you get to take the Offsprogs to Scotland via Geordieland in September.
One less thing to worry about; I can't handle trying to buy a new car at the moment.
I started drawing an eagle last night, which was a relief because I haven't been able to draw anything for a long time. It was the feathers and flight that did it, and finding some nice paper and more importantly, a cool pen.
Even before 7 a.m. it's hot. The plants are panting (planting?) and gasping, and looking pleadingly with their little beady eyes.
'Waarter! Waarter!', they moan.
Ok, ok, guys let me drink tea, tea and then I will water, water you, you thirsty blighters!
Lazily, I'd hoped for a thunderstorm last night to do the job for me but God wasn't playing, and so it's up to me again to soak the soil.
Pity I can't bribe the flies or the snails to do the job for me: now why don't scientists spend a bit of time working on that instead of making nuclear weapons or rocketing to Mars?
Just imagine: plant-watering plagues of locusts to rehydrate the desert, or snails carrying organic fertiliser in their shells to do as much good as they do damage. Mosquitos that inject anti-malaria vaccine. Flies that carry anti-bovine-TB serum.
See where we get when we're having a cuppa at 6.30 a.m.?

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