Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tuesday? Must be museday!

Yes, musings...
Three girls used to travel round the UK to see King Kurt play on a Family Railcard. They were all 14 and 15; one, Zoff, used to dress as Mumgirl, with a headscarf, specs and a big handbag and mumsy skirt. Her sister Laura and a girl called Saffron Aldridge who is now a famous model, were the Girlgirls, who pretended to be her daughters. They never got caught out. Brilliant.
More disguises: when I lived in Willesden, R and L decided to do a very naughty thing. R borrowed a little 50s suit I had and some spare spectacles, and L got dressed up too. They went to Windsor or Slough- somewhere far off, with L's credit card, which she'd wiped her original signature from with lighter fluid, and forged a new one on to. They 'bought' masses of audio stuff with it- a beatbox, a Walkman; the salesman was so delighted he threw in loads of free stuff too- cassettes, batteries and so on. Later, they came back roaring with laughter and spread out their electronic spoils on R's carpet to look at.
R was fine, but L started to have bad luck upon bad luck- everything went wrong in her life.
Finally, someone broke into her flat and nicked everything she'd 'bought'. It was only then that her luck changed and a cloud lifted for her; she told me she was sure she was being punished for instigating such a dishonest thing!
* * * * *
Musicky things- there's a short review in Folkandroots e-zine of Suburban Pastoral.
Think that will probably be the last one- I'm a no-go Mojo person. What a shame, since I subscribe to it: but I'm not bugger enough to cancel it.
Oh yes! I ordered some badges from a company with the picture of the lawnmower that Ben painted on the pavement outside the courthouse in Barnet, and they haven't turned up. I'll have to badger them for them.

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