Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Strange fruit and an even stranger cardigan

Let's start with the cardigan, my failed attempt at one of those 1950s-style jackety things with a knitted picture on the back. You know, I'm good at the knitted picture part but making the thing into a proper shape, forget it. It has definite 1980s shoulders- urgh- and I have had to pull out one zip (because I bought a dress zip that doesn't open at the bottom) and put in another and I hate sewing. And it is far too short and has a sort of humpy back. And it's so tightly knitted it stands up on its own.
But because I have a weakness for the non-standard one-off, of course I have fallen in love with it and I am defiantly wearing it and defending it against all sorts of pss-taking. It is also incredibly warm, which is great because it's turned incredibly cold. So there.

Fruit? Oh yes, two things about my Sis. She was in hospital once and her friend took her in a bag of tomatoes. Sis loves tomatoes as much as anything, and her friend knew that, and took her just what she wanted.
The other thing was a very odd man-in-a-mac from the Wylam Plymouth Brethren took rather a shine to her when she was a teenager, and marched up the front path with a very nice big bag of freshly-picked Brussels Sprouts to woo her with. Not the best plan, really.
Oh that's enough. I had breakfast with my Champagne Friend in the Wolsey this morning. We were sitting next to a businessman chatting to a French lady. He had a smart suit and a sling across his chest with a very tiny baby in it, who he was feeding with a bottle as he chatted. There was a napkin on the baby's head so it didn't get crumbs on it.

What made me think about the tomatoes is that Sis's friend who took her the tomatoes lives in North Carolina and I might be going there to do some gigs with Martin Stephenson in September. Now that is something to be very excited about, especially if I can get myself on to a plane!

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