Monday, May 28, 2007

Pauls without beards

Well, what a gig last night! Unwisely, I asked the guy to make a DVD and consequently forgot the lyrics of the first song, but managed to get it together after that. It reminded me of the video of Paul and myself playing at the Loft in Berlin in 1990, where each of us messes up a song in turn, and there is no song that hasn't got some lurid mistake on it.
There was a rowdy table in front of us which was a bugger although they shut up after a while; the people who came to see us play ( hiya Helena!) arrived too late and missed us! But I think we made some new mates...
But what I really wanted to do was to write about Paul the Girl- she was absolutely fantastic, and it was great to see those well-fed North-London faces actually sitting at their tables with their mouths open! Attagirl Paul, you really rock and there's a deffo Black-Country rock goddess in you somewhere. It reminded me of the occasion when I took a whole bunch of huge black-garbed chain-bedecked punk rockers to Brighton's premier smooth disco- nobody knew what to do, whether to be impressed, scared, affronted, or just pure interested. I'll bet Vivaviva has never hosted anything like Paul before. She's just SUCH a good guitarist, picker, effects, songs, noise, dynamics, stompin', the lot. Amazing. Afterwards I gave her a lift to the tube with her shopping trolley of effects pedals, which gave me a whole new perspective on shopping trolleys- perhaps those old ladies in the supermarket are secret wizzo guitarists too!

Funny, only a couple of days after the Japanese pirating of Helen and the Horns, Keith from Setanta (used to be The Divine Comedy's label) wrote to see if we'd like to re-release any Helen and the Horns stuff with him. I think I will ask him if he'd like to release the Peel sessions, because we did 3 of them and there is some stuff on them that sounds quite good (I'll leave out the rubbish!).

Oh yes- Paul Davey and Paul the Girl, neither of whom have facial hair.

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