Thursday, May 31, 2007


At last, back in the studio. Martin Stephenson came down to record some guitar and sing on a couple of tracks, which I will put on Myspace at the weekend. I'd been practising the stuff quite a bit and didn't make as many mistakes as usual, so we managed to record 2 of mine and one of his for our album; both of us have written loads of songs but he lives Far North and I live Deep South. Perhaps we just need to yell very loud and buy massive amps and deafen the land between.
Ahh... I've spoken to Woman's Hour about the Lost Women book, but I'm not sure if they will do anything; let's say they are 50% interested at the moment. the celebration plans are going well; I'm trying to decide if I can afford a new dress. I think probably not, but no-one will guess if I wear an old one, especially as they will be looking at my fiendish red shoes anyway. Four bass players are coming- Enid Williams, Tessa Pollitt, Gaye Black and Jane Woodgate. That makes 5, if you add me. I know Gina will come too, actually, so that makes six! Ha ha! Just imagine how much ground we would shake if we all plugged in and played at once! Buildings would tremble, cheeks would wobble and dogs would howl mournfully at the midday sun.
What a thought.

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Mark said...

Helen, The Delta 5 used to sound pretty awesome, and they only had 2 Bass Players!