Saturday, May 19, 2007

Start the engine, check controls*

I was disappointed the other day when Vi Subversa called from Spain to say she's not up to travelling over for the Lost Women lunchtime celebration. Nothing life-threatening, just lots of boring appointments. I was looking forward to seeing her so very much, by hook or by crook I will get myself to Spain to visit her. She says she has a caravan I can stay in.
Today, I'm going to see Debbie Little- she is a clothes designer and she made the gold suit that I wore for the Voxpop Puella tour that Gina and mydelf did in 2001. I have also got a skirt that she made out of an old parachute. Once I went to see her and she was wearing a beautiful brown silk sheath dress (a sort of Audrey Hepburn thing) with a scalloped hem, a frilly pinny and a pair of slippers. She is just one of the most stylish people in the world, and very funny too. She's the Champagne Friend's sister so I get to see her too- double fun. It's one of those open studio things at the Cockpit in Deptford. I got lost the last time I went to see her and never got there, but will try to be more clever this time.
Then I will be writing out loads of addresses, all the women I interviewed for the book, because tomorrow Caroline and I are going to write out the invitations. She has designed a really good invite, and now's the time to send them off. The book is being printed right now.
As for music- well, I'm looking forward to Tom coming back 'cos I've got itchy fingers- two new songs to record, and a lot of tidying up and re-recording. I think I have enough songs for the next album, but I want to wait a couple of months to see if anything else materialises. Also, we had a really good Song Club session on Thursday- Jamie McDermott from the Irrepressibles has taken Dan's place and I think we were both a bit anxious about whether it would work, but the children took to him staright away, we had written the chorus for the first proper song literally in minutes, the children loved it and learned it and all got carried away on a wave of creative energy that put a whacking great smile on my face for the rest of the day. And in the north of Scotland, Martin Stephenson has been writing songs and in the south of England, I have too. So it looks like that musical collaboration is well on its way too
Time for breakfast.
*Like these little star things? Then here's another one. This title is a lyric from the Song Club's first song about planes and I thought it was a good start to a beginning-of-the-day posting

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