Thursday, June 02, 2022


It's been a day of three halves (I know, I know).

The first was clearing up this morning, the second was Offsprog One and her friend coming for lunch unexpectedly, and the third was more editing and some singing this afternoon. I re-sang the song that Sarah Corina sent a backing track for a while ago, and tried to redo some vocals on a tricky song for the album. I'm not sure if it's there yet: I'll take another listen tomorrow. 

With the editing, I get one bit right and then all the other bits seem wrong. I think that's always the way. The thing is, I know that I make a lot of progress and when I go back to earlier songs I have to bring them up to scratch. One of the songs had the guitar sounding like mud and I hadn't even noticed, because I was concentrating on something else. Oddly I think my hearing is getting better, at least for detail. This means that things like tube train announcements and tannoys seem brutally loud and I have started focusing in on individual birds singing in the mornings.

Fourteen songs: it's the fine tuning at the end that seems so excruciating.

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