Thursday, June 02, 2022

Speaking of Chaos

I'm having a huge clearout and downsizing the furniture. I have severely upset a spider, and broken a teapot lid, which will be a bit of a project to glue together.

I have copious quantities of dust up my nose and in my hair, but it's good to have a purge. I have a HUGE pile of stuff to sell on eBay but that's a day's work in itself, photographing that and posting it, so not for this week.

Later, I'll sit down and do a bit of editing and also try my voice out. It was rather creaky yesterday but that might have been because I was thinking of something else- I spent part of the day taking a lesson in animation from Joan Ashworth and walking in Burgess Park which is unrecognisable since I moved away.

I was exhausted when I got home, because Joan is so full of ideas that my own creative brain goes into overdrive. It's wonderful, and it was a great break from editing music, which was beginning to make me feel as though I live inside the computer.

So meanwhile, I'm sitting in the middle of a pile of art books trying hard not to be distracted by them. Tomorrow morning early, I'll unearth the last drawerful of trousers before the British Heart Foundation carts away the enormous chest of drawers that has clogged up the living room since I moved here eleven years ago. I don't know where I'll put them but that's part of the fun. I think.

Live small, think big!

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