Wednesday, September 08, 2021


When in doubt, swap guitars. A song that I was recording threatened to beat me last week, and thankfully, I deleted the project by accident. I listened back to a rough mix just now and the playing wasn't bad, but I could hear the torture. I changed to a different guitar and the playing's worse but the feel is better, so I'm taking an ears-break and going back to it in an hour's time. All this work for a piddly little three minute song, but my first one sounds so good in it's almost-finished state that I've set the bar high, and I need to keep to it and not be lazy.

The first one just needs popifying- tidying up so it's neat and not too rough round the edges. But that will be fun in itself and I'm going to finish all of them to a certain point and then do them together.

It's ideal singing weather (high pressure and sunny), so I might try some lead vocals later, if next door's dog calms down and the M25 helicopters go home for their tea. Oh, and between cars in rush hour. 

But you know.

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