Saturday, August 07, 2021

Rainy Day Randomness: Boring Saturday Posting

I waited until the rain stopped this morning before going out for a walk. Of course, it started raining again as soon as I got out there, and I've now got a standard Celtic mop of curly hair as it returns to type because of the wet.

Undaunted, I dressed in rain mac and wellies and went out again, this time to the market, convinced that nobody else would be about: but they already had been about and the fruit stall was lacking in some of the stuff I was sure I'd be able to get hold of. I came away with an interesting mix of tomatoes, though.

When I got back home, I couldn't get the welly off my right foot. It seemed to take hours of prising, twisting, yanking, meditating and almost-crying before it finally slurped off rather ungraciously.

The sun came out, briefly and hotly, and I decided to go across the road to fill in the fruit gaps. They it started raining again just as I was gathering my thoughts. I probably 'ought' to carry on recording, because yesterday's frustrating day proved to be a learning day, and the accidental juxtaposition of yesterday afternoon's demo with an older song formed itself into the beginning of a track listing for my next album.

But no. Wrapped in a  blanket against the cold, I see that Come Dine With Me is on TV and Michele is making mini shortbreads. Irresistible!

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