Monday, March 01, 2021

The Raymond Chandler Project

Gina Arnold's Raymond Chandler project has got off the ground: there is a book launch on Saturday which us Britishers can't get to due to time zone differences, but we'll be there in our dreams. I decided to record my contribution as a video on Wednesday (that's usually music day because I'm doing such a lot of lecturing at the moment). Then I realised that I'm being vaccinated on Wednesday morning and might not be feeling so well, so it was an early morning recording today between marking and lecturing, chord fluffs included. I'd also been out early to post the Cutty Wren mask to George, who invited me to do the project with him a couple of months ago. There were staff shortages at the PO on Saturday due to illness; we are all still dodging the virus. One mask, two people, three songs coming soon.

I'm kind of hoping not to be ill on Wednesday because I'd like to fire up the computer and work on the next Robert song and also some songs that Gina has sent. Lecturing is very tiring, but it hasn't clogged up my imagination so it would be great to get going on those. It's quite a long walk to the place to get vaccinated but it will be worth it to be able to come to life again!

Meanwhile, I'm excited about listening to the songs that the song writing students will be coming up with this afternoon. I have a very interesting job.

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