Sunday, March 07, 2021


Finally, after five months, I have a working laptop to do my online lectures with. It took hours and hours to transfer all my files to it through wi-fi (being  Mac, it has yet another type of USB that isn't compatible with older ones). Overnight, just like in the old days! Thrilling!

What has been fun has been discovering that it's got an excellent microphone (nice and bassy!) and also that I can use iMovie to animate things. I haven't got it exactly right yet but I have a series of stills of an apple gradually going off, and also the embroidery of a bird's skull that I photographed in all its stages of construction. I have now roughly animated both of those, apart from some slithery embroidery thread stills that I've lost somewhere in the mists of time and multiple hard drives. It's nice to dabble in another medium and I might try to make a film for one fo the electronic songs I've recorded with Willie Gibson, the analogue synth musician (coming out on April 9th, plug, plug).

Apart from that, the weekend has passed in a gentle vaccine-induced blur. I must have eaten something. I have photographs of a walk. The weekend's newspapers are piled neatly on the floor. I am dressed. I am hoping for a bit of normality tomorrow.

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Wilky of St Albans said...

Are you saying you missed the Poly Styrene documentary on Sky Arts last night? Blimmin' dogs decided to bark just as you made your contribution, so I've no idea what you said.

I'm not a fan of anything 'Sky' but this and 'King Rocker' a few weeks back makes it quite a watchable channel. Reckon we'll be seeing your film on there soon. (You've not mentioned your film for some time. Wassup?)