Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Singing, Playing Bass, Recording

What a luxury to switch on the computer, load up Logic, and start recording! I am arranging some vocals for some of Gina's songs, and I got the best microphone out to do those. Everything is being done at a distance, which is slow (it took an hour to upload five WAVs and five Mp3s to Wetransfer), but I've kind of got used to it now. After that I played about with a song I'm writing, and even got the bass out to play on it. The strings are rusty and I couldn't find decent picks anywhere in the house (I play with a medium pick, upwards, just like you shouldn't). I'm probably going to start again from scratch with that song (it's not the right speed) but I got the sound absolutely right, which I was delighted about. 
Then Robert sent me another idea to work on for our Equal Parts project, mark 2.
Now all I need is some gigs! I had more than nine confirmed gigs at the beginning of last year, and that's a good number to build a year's working on. I do have a couple with Robert playing our EP stuff (that means a lot of groundwork at home remembering those chords) and was also delighted to be offered a solo show in July supporting The Band of Holy Joy and Stuart Moxham. I will have to get to work though: being a DIY artist means you have to Do It Yourself, whether or not you feel like it.

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