Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Little mp4 files are scattered across my laptop screen like letters spread out on a doormat: full of information to work on, and engendering the same feelings of anticipation.
First thing, I got up and finished comping the vocal for The Cutty Wren, which meant visually shifting vocal takes into time on the screen, then listening to see if they were in the right place.
What a challenge: parts of it are very high to sing, and some of the words twisted my tongue into the shape of a helter-skelter.
I went for a walk to clear my head, and the place was busy with mothers with pushchairs, all saying good morning to each other. Dog walkers at 9.30, baby walkers at 10.30! All very good natured; then back home, I rehearsed one of the songs for Sunday.
This afternoon I completed words/melody for one of Robert's songs. In my head I was seeing one of those paintings by Vermeer, all dusty sunlight through windows that you can't see through properly.
I hope he likes it; I recorded a very basic version and sent it to him a few minutes ago.
This gap in the proceedings is called 'waiting for feedback'.
I'm going to have some crisps now.
What a luxury!
Then I'm going to carry on writing the song about hotels for Friday's song circle.

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