Thursday, July 16, 2020


Yesterday I drove the circuitous route to Sarf London to visit my Offsprogs.
We sat in the park eating chips and yakking for a couple of hours, watching tiny bats flittering across the early evening sky in search of flying insects.
Busy, busy little things.
One of our company found a photograph of a giant bat in the Philippines on their phone and held it up for them to see, but the Sarf London bats weren't frightened at all.
I bought a little box tree in the vegetable shop on the main street to replace one that black and yellow striped caterpillars ate last year. I am going to guard it with my life to protect it against the little buggers- and also make friends with the lady blackbird who has taken to visiting the back yard and rummaging in the undergrowth.
Driving back, the posh brutes were out in force in their bossy cars. Almost the whole way back there is a 20 MPH speed limit, but they weren't having any of it.
I got tooted at all the way home.
The sound of money is rude and bad mannered.

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