Friday, September 16, 2016

The Hofner Tree of Berwick

The beautiful fruit of this tree in The Music Gallery is just about ready to be harvested. I did have a play on one of them, I must confess, although I already have a couple of Hofner guitars. My acoustic Hofner (a President) gave me a great song and then sulked and got grumpy, so I think I might sell it soon. The other is a beaut and will never sail from these shores.
I used to play Hofner basses in The Chefs- I had a violin bass which I hated because the neck was heavier than the body and it used to slip into an irritating diagonal all the time; Martin has the other one, which he has given a good home to because he likes the sound of it, and he has given it a lot of tender loving care. It did it's work for me and the band, and now has a more loving owner who makes much better use of it than I ever will. He gave me a Fender Precision Bass, which I love the sound of and which will be making its debut soon: watch this space (or perhaps listen!).

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