Monday, September 26, 2016

Loft Diggings

In between planning the schedule for the students for next year, I had to go up into the loft so that Offsprog Two could weed out her belongings. It was very sad; I've thrown away quite a lot of stuff myself in doing that but I did find these little jumpers that I knitted for the Offsprogs when they were babies. Some are quite well-worn and stained. The Elvis one went to Gina's second child for a while and ha music notes on the front and an attempt at a mini shawl collar. I used to   map out the patterns on grab paper first but often got annoyed and just went free-form.
The skull and crossbones are inspired by The Bash Street Kids' Danny, and the blue jumper has an accidental frill around the bottom because I started it too large. I might frame these, but might not because there's no space on my walls. Having two arty Offsprogs plus being arty myself means that the walls are very busy.
I also found a tartan top and tam o' shanter that I made for the very first Music Hall variety that I ran with Lester Square at The London Musician's Collective, which you used to be able to hire for a fiver and a lightbulb (they'd always been stolen). I sang a song about ducks inspired by a Chinese Takeaway menu, playing banjo and accompanied by a Roland TR606 drum machine. Always to the forefront of electronica, eh?
The tartan had been very useful; when I lived in a very cold bedsit in Willesden Green in the 1980s that I thought I would live in till the end of my days, I used it as bed sheets because it kept me warm. In them days, we used to wear hats in bed too, because we didn't have central heating. Yuk.

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