Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Furniture Removal Lady

Tomorrow it's donning the dungarees and check shirt, and a drive to Brighton in my trusty and ever-more-bashed car to do yet another Offsprog removal.
Leeds and back, several times; to and from different student (and afte0r lodgings in Brighton; Portsmouth; Brighton and back, several times.
I have the muscles of a navvy. Sometimes, my arms say 'No', but my head says 'Yes', and off I go again. Sure keeps me fit and grounded. I can't have painted nails, stilettos or floaty garms.
There is space in the loft (a bit) and constant clearing out helps although I could have done more to make space this time around. Never mind; lecturing is such a cerebral profession that a good dose of practicality helps to keep the balance in life.

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