Monday, November 23, 2009


Sorry to anyone who has received multiple emails about Thursday's gig.
Yahoo has been updating and modernising and has neglected to delete one contact list before starting another. It memorised the people I'd already emailed and added them to the ones I was emailing for the first time.
I have given up, before I got to the letter 'M'!
Myspace does this sort of thing as well, trumpeting its exciting new services (trying to copy Facebook) while making itself ever less user-friendly.
How to make one's potential audience extremely annoyed.
I think I'll have to reinvent myself like Ponce did, and just have a collection of letters and numbers for a name, which I can change at will to escape the trail of destruction left in my wake!
It's quite addictive, working in the library: the public and staff moo and baa gently in the background and there's a comforting smell of damp coat.
I might move in and dine on buns and dandelion and burdock for the rest of my life.

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Anonymous said...

I could quite happily live in a library - when I was little having read my way through the children's library, I used to borrow my Mum's ticket to take out 'grown-ups' books!!