Sunday, November 01, 2009

More from Big Ben University

BTW, a new student has enrolled at Big Ben University: Timothy Arsely.
He doesn't like being called Tim, and he answers so many questions correctly that the Lecturers can't bear him (could it be that he's cleverer than them? He's certainly cleverer than the rest of the students)
Recently, he inherited a beautiful cottage on the Gower Peninsula from his deceased grandfather, and can't wait to tell all his friends about it at any opportunity.
He has a loud voice and a slightly Cliff-Richardish lisp, and he has an enormous motorbike in the garden of his flat, which he sometimes shows his girlfriends when they come round.
Especially the ones who are really someone else's girlfriend.

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Sarah said...

On the train on the way home today, I was eavesdropping on a conversation between two very well spoken but genteelly bitchy people about an event they had attended-some sort of lunch. They were talking about a woman who just talks about herself all the time and never asks questions or shows interest in others. The man of the couple was lucky enough to never have met anyone who does that before. He was talking about her later and I think he was aware of not wanting to sound nasty. He said that is was very 'socially unskilled' to talk about your privileges for so long. The woman might have been a bit like Timothy!