Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Bass Strings

Well, the horse refused a jump yesterday. Some of my songs need a bass groove to thread them together, and the strings on my bass are prehistoric. So I went to the music shop and bought some strings.

When I got back home I realised that it's been (ahem) 40 years since I changed the strings on a bass guitar.  In my head they turned into vicious metal snakes, writhing and scraping their shiny silver roundwound wire ridges against each other, and hitting out aggressively at my vulnerable fingers.

'Leave that till tomorrow', I thought. And now, of course, it's tomorrow.

1 comment:

Monty said...

D,G,A,B I think that's what the Bass String Notes are? The 1st Bass Player I ever heard was Jean-Jacques Burnel ex. The Stranglers. Who performed at The Roundhouse in the seventies along with some American band & 'Johnny Rubbish' a Punk Poet!