Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Work: Hard

Oh Blogger, I'm tired. It has been a stressful day. I did not even have time to eat the other half of my sandwich, though I did manage a Mars on the way up the stairs!
The day has had some unexpected gentle highlights: the IT guy who brought me a new computer, and did a gentle riff on how work used to have some fun in it, a long time ago; the red, yellow and blue pencils I bought so the tutors I work with could enjoy double-marking; them- they are nice, smart, gracious and conscientious and the students are lucky to have 'em; my room-mate (I hope she has a fantastic few days off in Glastonbury!); a relaxed chat with a colleague in the music department when it was too late to panic; and lastly, my drive home on the M25 through the drizzle, and the simple thoughts that I navigated it with ('BIG', I thought, as I drove past a gigantic lorry; 'WET', I thought as I switched the wipers on).
In half an hour I will have an argument about what we watch on TV with Offsprog Two.
I will let her win, tonight.

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