Monday, January 03, 2011


I keep putting it off... I made a list... tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.
The strong arms of 2011 are dragging me forward, but my heels are dug into the ground, ploughing obstinate furrows behind me.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.
I thought I'd be picking small tasks off the list each day, but I haven't.
Instead, I have eaten vast quantities of chocolate (although this Christmas has been so stressful that it's the first one in personal history that I have actually lost weight!)
I have written a song (first one for three months, and I had to get really angry to do it: it sounds like a Velvet Underground song).
I have re-met (?) friends from years ago, and really valued them.
I have done a lot of driving, but for good reasons.

The face looking at me in the mirror says 'More rest, please'.

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