Sunday, January 09, 2011


I am trying to distract myself from starting work on the book Mk II.
Firstly, there are lots of errors to correct and that's what I will start with this afternoon.
I have artyplans that are very exciting. Martin has sent some mixes of tracks for our next album. One of the songs, The Cafe of Tiny Kindnesses, is beautiful, and it has some of Martin's best ever guitar playing on it.
We also have another project in hand inspired by the week we spent in Northumberland last summer, but more of that when it's a bit further down the line. I have just sent off two new songs to Paul Eccentric, as I will be playing them and some other new material at the Camden Eye in February at the next Rrrants Collective night, backed by the house band! And another fledgling project is hatching and drying off its tiny wings in the winter sunlight....
I am expecting the Chefs material from the BBC imminently, and I have also discovered a small stash of Helen and the Horns etc CDs: please write to me at if you want one (they are £10.00). They are hard to come by although the guy who released them probably has about 500 in his garage, but no amount of pleading stirs him into action. Rough Trade ask for more, but I don't have any to supply them with.
Oh bosh. Nothing to do but start the book!


Mister Roy said...

Almost totally unrelated - last time I was in Brighton I went to the comics shop where Attrix used to be, and the guy told me there was a bathtub filled with copies of the second Vaultage LP upstairs. He have me a couple. So if you ever wondered where there might be a bath filled with Vaultage, that's the answer.

Helen McCookerybook said...

Well, I met him- he's called Smelly- at the Punkbrighton Alldayer. He was giving copies away.
What a strange world we live in!

Mister Roy said...

Glad he's getting then to good homes :)