Friday, December 23, 2005

Track listing- Helen and the Horns etc

Here's a tracklisting, by popular request. Sorry, I can't remember the exact order, I'm in the library and want to do this before Christmas- I'll correct it afterwards:
1. 24 Hours- The Chefs
2. Femme Fatale- Skat
3. Freight Train- Helen McCookerybook, The Horns, Lester Square and Mike Slocombe
4. Hell Hath No Horns CD:
Lonesome Country Boy
My Black Rose
Northbound Train
Oh Boy
(why can't I remember what the other track is?)
Two Strings to Your Bow
Freight Train
Pioneer Town
Southern Belle

Leavin' You Baby- Helen McCookerybook and Plato Page
Truckdrivin' Girl- Helen McCookerybook and Plato Page
Riding High- Helen McCookerybook and Plato Page

Demo: Monday's Mood
Demo: I'm in Love for the First Time, with Paul Davey on sax
Demo: Temptation

Shelf Lives (film soundtrack)
Blue's Song

From Voxpop Puella song cycle:
Hermit Crab
The Past is Just a Dream

There are 24 tracks altogether, with sleevenotes by Lucy O'Brien.
You can hear new tracks on
Sorry I can't do a proper link- have left my handy html hints at home!

Thank you for your feedback, it's very encouraging to know that people actually look at this from time to time!

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Anonymous said...

The 5 studio songs by Helen And The Horns (Numbers 4,5,6,7 and 8 on the CD) are :
Lonesome Country Boy
Girls Versus Boy
My Black Rose
Oh Boy
Northbound Train
The 5 Live songs (Numbers 9 to 13) are :
Two Strings To Your Bow
Southern Belle
Pioneer Town
Freight Train
The post Helen And The Horns tracks are :
Number 14 is Monday's Mood
15 I'm in Love for the First Time
16 Leavin' You Baby
17 Mad Mix 2
18 Truckdrivin' Girl
19 Riding High
20 Temptation
21 Shelf Lives
22 Blue's Song
23 Hermitcrab
24 The Past is Just a Dream
The CD lasts 77 mns 15 secs
If you are a fan, this is of course the best CD of the Millenium.
The only regret is that it is not a double CD.
Or a triple CD.