Saturday, June 22, 2013

Framus: a Project

Not that I need one; in fact it provided the perfect prevarication because I should have been editing sound for a paper I'm presenting at the Console-ing Passions Conference at De Montfort University on Tuesday... I'll have to rise early tomorrow!
I was heading out with my guitar yesterday and firstly had to stop to clear up the debris from my bin bags that a fox had decorated the street with, and then spotted a poorly-looking Framus guitar in a charity shop on the way to the tube station. It leapt into my arms with a pring of recognition, and who was I to resist?
I have spent the afternoon cleaning it with guitar polish, Pledge (mmm, yum yum smell) and Brasso.
In fact, my cleaning was so efficient that I cleaned the brass 'Framus' logo off the top of it.
I found 'Fram' on the floor after it impaled my foot and I'll endeavour to glue it back on tomorrow; it's on the mantlepiece looking sorry for itself. I know this sounds like an example of over scrubbiness but the whole creature was covered with brown sticky stuff, and underneath it the wood has a lovely patina which is gradually revealing itself.
The action is hopelessly high and it has four thick goo-encrusted strings on it so it'll be off to Guitar Hospital for a set-up soon to see if it sounds any good. It will be a loud guitar, judging by the noise it emits when the four strings are brushed. Made in Bavaria: cue lederhosen and red felt braces.
There is news on the Helen and the Horns front! Watch this space....

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