Thursday, June 13, 2013

Big Brother is Watching You

I wrote the song a few weeks ago ( and of course, Big Brother has been watching us for a long time.
Sometimes people who share information on the internet forget that people are watching. And of course, it works both ways: even people who think they are invisible are there, once they step over the e-threshold.
In my blog, I bounce from high to high and probably give the impression that life for me is easy-breezy and fun all the way.
That is because when I set it up in 2006, I was recovering from major surgery and decided only to write positive and happy things and to make the blog a therapeutic start to the day.
In general, I have stuck to this.
I rarely identify my children or other family members and tend not to write about horrible things or things that make me angry (although occasionally I stray over these borders). Nor do I identify colleagues or even friends who don't have a professional profile of some sort.
I know I have my share of stalkers (hello again!).
Very occasionally I tell a whopper!
Blogger will disappear one day, and with it all this writing (you can't save it). The internet is greedy and unstable and market forces come above responsibility to its many users. Just look what happened to Myspace! For example, as soon as a responsibility for paying royalties kicked in, my own daily plays went down from 60 to 2, and I'm not the only artist that this happened to.
I don't bank on the internet, in more ways than one.
Which brings me to banking...
It has always been the case that banks have cheated and exploited their customers- remember the moneylenders in the Bible? I am re-visiting a song that I wrote almost 20 years ago about the banks during John Major's sorry Prime Ministership.
Sorry to be so gloomy- is it the grey skies above?
Time to pick up my guitar again: the best therapy ever!

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