Sunday, January 02, 2022

Working The New Year In

Every year I spend New Year's Day marking student work. I don't know why: it just happens that way. Being an academic is weird, because you have huge influxes of work at times when other people are holidaying. Last Christmas, for instance, I spent the week before Christmas marking, and then the entire Christmas period attending to corrections the subeditor wanted in my book. I knew if I didn't work on it then, it would never be finished: time was chasing it from behind. At times I was almost in tears of frustration, and there was no time to recover from doing all that, because the new term started and I was straight into working again.

I am hoping to spend a bit of time working on my new album, but I will have to work on it very quickly and intensely. I know what I want it to sound like, and I also know it will have to be recorded in between a lot of other things that need time and energy. I have chosen the songs and deliberately stopped writing anything else temporarily, because if I do I'll interrupt the flow of what I've chosen and try to shoehorn in one of the new ones.

January is full of pandemic and other question marks, and around them life will continue in some form of normality, or abnormality.

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