Sunday, April 04, 2021

From Kevin Younger's Lockdown Mr Unswitcheable's Covers Night

It was another great night of predominantly Medway musicians with some fabulous guitars at Kevin Younger's night yesterday evening. From peoples homes, gardens and imaginations came a series of 'Doing It' covers from musicians starved of social contact, gigs and hairdressers. Vintage tea-sets, Bargain Hunt chic, CD collections and piles of books formed the backdrop for many of the videos; in others, Kentish gardens with gravelled driveways and swaying hedges (plus birdsong) hosted swaying singers vocalising with their hearts and souls. Gawd bless Kevin for organising these monthly events, which must be a nightmare of watching submissions, planning and scheduling. And gawd bless all of us in middle age who are still motivated to join in and make a 'thing' when someone says 'go!'.
I don't even live in Kent, but I'm an honorary member of the county for these occasions.
Here's mine, which was originally filmed in the dark with a lonesome candle. Alas, the traffic flow down my street was extraordinarily loud that night and the computer camera said no. So it's a daylight performance, but at least you get the German bit!
Look up 'Mr Unswitchable' on Youtube for a feast of viewing and listening: you won't be disappointed.

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